Recommended WPSA-Italian Biodiversity Group panel of markers for genetic characterization of chicken populations


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Twenty microsatellites are available:

MCW0295; MCW0078; MCW0104; MCW0123; MCW0081; MCW0014; MCW0248; LEI0094; MCW0111; MCW0216; MCW0222; MCW0037; MCW0098; ADL0278; LEI0166; MCW0103; MCW0016; MCW0165; MCW0020; ADL026

These markers have been tested in several chicken populations showing an high degree of concordance among labs.

Additional msats routinely used are ADL0102; ADL0158; ADL0176; ADL0181; ADL0210; ADL0267; ADL0136; ADL017

WPSA Italian  Biodiversity Group Panel of microsatellites for chickens can be used also for Parentage Testing.

Bedlewo near Poznan, Poland 30th September – 2nd October 2009. Conference Centre of the Institute of Mathematics. Polish Academy of Sciences


On behalf of the Poznan Branch of Polish Society of Animal Production and Polish Branch of WPSA, it is my great pleasure and honour to invite you to participate in the 6th European Poultry Genetics Symposium of Working Group 3 “Breeding and Genetics” of the European Federation of the WPSA. The aim of this meeting is to present on going research activities and provide an update of current knowledge for people from both research institutions and industry. The main topics of the symposium are as follows:

Prospettive del settore avicolo nell’area del Meditteraneo

IL 53° CONVEGNO NAZIONALE è organizzato da
Associazione Scientifica di Avicoltura
in collaborazione con Fiera di Forlì 

Forlì – 6 aprile 2017
Sala Borsa
Fiera di Forlì

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