Incubation as a hinge between broiler breeders and broiler production

Categoria: 47esimo CN2010

Prof. E. Decuypere

NEW QUESTIONS, DOUBTS AND FACTS that gave a new impetus to incubation research.
The increase in size of incubators has increased the variability of conditions
The tolerance zone within which measured variables may fluctuate (e.g. t°) during development without harmful effects, has become more important
Physical conditions (t°, humidity, CO2, ...) have an optimum that may differ according to the developmental or incubation stage for each of these physical parameters
New sensor developments allow finer tuning
They should be regulated independently from each other

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NEW QUESTIONS, DOUBTS AND FACTS that gave a new impetus to incubation research

Physical conditions during incubation were and still are set in order to obtain maximal hatchability: this may be questioned if we take chick quality and epigenetic effects into account.
Incubation conditions have hardly changed during the last half century, but meanwhile chickens have changed tremendously due to selection and specialization in selection objectives.
Are the requirements for optimal embryo development still unchanged ?
Embryogenesis starts at the moment of fertilization, not at the start of incubation. The variability of “setted” eggs is larger than expected and should be taken into account.


Definition of chick quality
No single definition, but in different ways
More or less subjective and depending on the alertness and interest of the farmer

Download the Whole presentation slides  (5.45 Megabytes)

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